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Cathy Ziengs is a mindfulness teacher, wife, mother and earnest advocate for well-being and finding balance in life. In the past five years she has taught more than 350 adults in 8-week mindfulness programs: MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction), MBCL (Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living), MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) and .b Foundations (for school staff) in public settings and international schools. Additionally, she has delivered mindfulness & well-being workshops for school staff, corporate clients and graduates of 8-week mindfulness programs; and provided workshops and after-school student mindfulness programs for ages (7-11) and (11-18) international students in Hong Kong. She regularly organises 1-day silent retreats and community practice groups, both Online and In-Person.

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Cathy’s Story

21 years ago I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and threw myself into learning how to effectively cope and manage the stresses of a long-term chronic disease on top of having a young baby. After a few years of trying exercise, diet, and a sampling of meditation practices, it turned out that the steadiness of meditation practice had the greatest impact on blood sugar levels and a subsequent reduction of medication requirements. Somehow my mind + body system calmed down and this spurred me on to more in-depth research about the intersection of contemplative practices and science.

7 – 12 years into a regular meditation practice, I studied Buddhist sources of contemplative practices and worked as a journalist with the good fortune to interview and attend retreats with some of the world’s greatest contemporary teachers of meditation and mindfulness. All the while – continuing with the meditation practices and witnessing improvements in my health, relationships and well-being. If this could be so beneficial in my life, how might I share with others in a more secular manner to find balance and peace of mind in their lives too?


When raising my son in the competitive atmosphere in Hong Kong, I recognised the negative impacts of stress in the school community on student learning, parent engagement and expectations on faculty to deliver superior academic results. Initially my mindfulness training was in student curriculums & courses for educators. Research studies from the UK and US indicate that mindfulness programs for students and teachers helps alleviate stress and nurtures well-being in the learning environment.

Expanding beyond school settings, my mindfulness teaching now offers 8-week stress reduction courses for the general public, bespoke workshops, retreats and community practice groups for adults. Having lived in several countries, I am sensitive & curious about different cultural backgrounds in our multi-national participant mix, the challenges of urban lifestyles and adapting to change. What is a healthy balance for mental and physical well-being? For me, practicing mindfulness has truly made a difference in finding equanimity, resilience and harmony in personal, work and family life.

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