A Day of Mindfulness

Days of Mindfulness  (In-Person)

The 1-Day Retreats (5 – 7.5 hours) are offered several times each year and the program structure follows an MBSR Course format through the day. The event is an opportunity for renewing and cultivating presence from moment to moment, and being open to the experiences of practicing mindful attention while in a community setting for support. Teacher will guide meditations that include sitting, walking, eating practices, body scan and yoga movements.

Please note: this invitation is for Graduates of 8-week Mindfulness-Based courses and teachers of mindfulness programs for children and adolescents. Due to the silent nature of the day, it is not suitable for those without prior experience of mindfulness practices.


In-person retreats are suspended at this time in Hong Kong due to Covid restrictions.



Kindness & Compassion Mini-Retreats (Online)

The shorter Mini-Retreats (2 – 4 hours) are silent practice sessions offered periodically with special themes such as compassion, loving kindness & equanimity with inspiration drawn from other mindfulness programs. Sessions are inspired and guided practices from the MBCL (Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living) program: Kindness meditations, Embodying Compassion, Body Scan, Walking, Sitting, Equanimity. If you are not familiar with the Compassion & Kindness practices, this is a lovely opportunity to experience a few hours of guidance with this sensitivity. 

20 April 2022 (Wednesday), 8 – 10 pm HKT, 2 – 4 pm EU time  (2 hours) 

19 May 2022 (Thursday), 8 – 10 pm HKT, 2 – 4 pm EU time  (2 hours) 

Teacher: Cathy Ziengs
Cost: Free

Checklist for the Retreats:

  1. Yoga mat
  2. Meditation cushion / bench / chair 
  3. Shawl, towels, pillow for comfort
  4. Pre-prepared meal or snack & a drink 
  5. Wear comfortable clothes 
  6. No mobile phones during the retreat
  7. Please no perfumes or strong scents (for in-person events)
  8. Mosquito repellant recommended for Tung Chung location (for in-person events)

For other Mindfulness Events & Teachers:

please visit HK Mindfulness Teachers Network website

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