Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living

Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living (MBCL)

MBCL (Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living) is a training program developed in The Netherlands by Erik van den Brink and Frits Koster for graduates of 8-week mindfulness courses (MBSR, MBCT, or equivalent). Building upon the personal practice base established in the earlier mindfulness course, a deeper exploration is engaged to learn more how to deal in a healthy way with pain, stress or suffering, in whatever form it presents – physical, mental, emotional or relational. It is a way one can deepen the healing effects of mindfulness with the help of this program, which offers practices in cultivating compassion and kindness towards ourselves and others. 

The course structure engages with themes about compassion, kindness, self-care, behavioural patterns, growing happiness, gratitude and weaving wisdom and presence into daily life. As a group we read chapters from the workbook, discuss topics, journal our experiences, practice insight dialogue and learn new forms of guided meditations.

Week 1 – Being Human: “Wired to survive rather than thrive” – what threatens us? What drives and motivates us? How can we engage in soothing to restore balance?

Week 2 – Exploring Inner Landscapes: “Identifying threats and self-compassion” – how can we compassionately relate to resistance & challenges?

Week 3 – Treating Habits Kindly – what to do about those old patterns and discovering new ways of relating.

Week 4 – Embodying Compassion – what are different ways to cultivate this?

Week 5 – Self & Others: “receiving and giving in every breath” – how to deepen our relationships with kindness and compassion.

Week 6 – Growing Happiness – exploring joy, happiness, friendship, values, forgiveness, kindness, appreciation.

Week 7 – Heartful Mind, Mindful Heart: “weaving wisdom and compassion into daily life”.

Week 8 – Healing Life: “living with heart” – as the journey continues.

Note: prerequisite of this course is past completion of an 8-week mindfulness course (ex. MBSR/MBCT or equivalent) and an ongoing regular personal practice. A personal meeting with the teacher is required beforehand to discuss intentions and course particulars.

  • 8 x Weekly Sessions (2.5 hours each) program that includes workbook, handouts and audio recordings.
  • 4-Hour Session (Silent) is included in the course curriculum (between week 6 & 7)
  • Home Practice for 45+ minutes daily practice throughout the course.


Course Details


Introductory Meeting


Please contact the teacher Cathy Ziengs to arrange a meeting by telephone, video or in person to discuss intentions to take the course and find out more about the course structure and materials.

After submitting your information below, a longer application can be sent to you for review and appointment arranged for meeting.

Sending you kind wishes along the journey of discovery.


Course Dates for Q1/Q2 - 2020


Weekly Meetings
Days: Thursday Evenings
Time: 7.00 – 9:30 pm
Dates: Mar 19, 26 & Apr 2, 16, 23 & May 7, 14, 21, 28 & Jun 4

4-Hour Silent Session
Date: 21st May 2020
Time: 7.00 – 11.00pm

Location: (Central)
Pacific Plaza – Room 2702-03, 27/F
410 – 418 Des Voeux Road West, Sai Wan
MTR HKU Station Exit B2

Please Note

  • Class limited to 12 persons
  • Enrolment is accepted after meeting with teacher (in person, by video or telephone)

Cost for the MBCL Course


Price: HKD 4,200 
Includes workbook, audio recordings and readings materials

Payment Details
We accept Paypal, Bank transfers, Cash or Cheque Deposits:

Bank Name: The Bank of East Asia
Account Name: MBH Advisory Limited
Bank Code: 015
Account Number: 51468019597

Please provide copy of receipt of transfer or deposit via email: cathy@mbhadvisory.com

To Register for the MBCL Course

6 + 2 =

Once you have completed the Registration Form above, I will reach out to you with an Application Form.

This is a list of the questions that you may anticipate on the application form:

What do you wish to come out of this training, regarding how you…

  1. Relate to yourself?
  2. Relate to others, such as family, friends, neighbours, colleagues?
  3. Deal with current difficulties in your life?
  4. Engage with other areas of your life that are important to you, such as education and work, health and lifestyle, social activities, nature and spirituality?
  5. Work towards valuable goals in your life, short term and long term?
  6. Deal with future challenges?

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