Online Community Practice

Online Community Mindfulness Practice

(Live online via ZOOM video platform) – Free of charge


Pandemic fatigue setting in?
Office closed, office open, closed, open?
What kind of schooling is on this Fall?!
Missing a connection with others?


Event Details

Starting September 6th:


“Sunday Evening Ease”

Weekly Sunday Evenings (Hong Kong Time):  9 – 10 pm   


The Online Community Practice is provided (free of charge) to support mindfulness practice via Live ZOOM video sessions. Cathy will lead practices, share stories and inspiration each Sunday evening to help find some ease into a new week.

Body Scan
Mindful Movement
Focused Attention
Loving Kindness
Mountain / Lake / Tree Meditations

Sharing in community online, cultivating self-awareness and tending to self-care fosters a greater sense of well-being and equanimity. Come and join for some calming meditation practices inspired by the essential principles of mindfulness and compassion-based programmes.

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