Residential & Online Retreats

Hong Kong Residential Retreats

(July – December 2021)

Due to local Covid-19 government restrictions, please check on the possibility of residential retreats and attendance requirements.


Please consult the International Retreat Centres listings below for various residential and online options.

International Retreat Centres and Websites

Below are many international websites to investigate for finding both residential and online meditation retreats during this coronavirus pandemic. Check frequently as restrictions may fluctuate with each country’s health reporting.


Additionally, if you have a favourite well-known teacher, please check their individual websites & schedules for more possibilities.


Asia, Australia, New Zealand, & Africa


Hong Hong Insight Meditation Society – Hong Kong
Plum Village – Hong Kong
Musangsa – Korea
Templestay (various locations throughout the country) – Korea
Myanmar – various Buddhist Meditation Centres
Nilambe – Sri Lanka
Dharma Drum – Taiwan
Plum Village – Thailand

Australia & New Zealand

Jhana Grove – Western Australia
Mindfulness Training Institute (MTI) – Australia & New Zealand
Melli O’Brien – Australia
Mindfulness Works – New Zealand
Te Moata Retreat Centre – New Zealand

Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixtopo KZN, South Africa

N. Goenka Vipassana Meditation – (locations worldwide)


North, Central and South America


North America

Spirit Rock – California, USA
Shambhala Mountain Center – Colorado, USA
Copper Beech Institute – Connecticut, USA
Insight Dialogue – USA (various retreat locations)
Insight Meditation Society – Massachusetts, USA
Spirit Fire Retreat Center – Massachusetts, USA
Won Dharma Center – New York, USA
Omega Institute – New York, USA
Garrison Institute – New York, USA
Brown Mindfulness Center, RI –  Rhode Island, USA (various retreat locations)
Cloud Mountain – Washington, USA
True North Insight – Ottowa & Quebec, CANADA
Centre for Mindfulness Studies – Toronto, CANADA
Dharma Retreats – Toronto, CANADA

Central & South America

Sociedad Mindfulness y Salud – Argentina
Instituto Mexicano de Mindfulness – Mexico



Europe & UK


Europe & UK

Stressbewaltigung Durch Achtsamkeit – Austria
Tisarana – Czech Republic
Danish Center for Mindfulness – Denmark
Center for Mindfulness (CFM) – Finland
Association Pour le Developpement de la Mindfulness (ADM) – France
Plum Village – France
Amitayas Kloster – Germany
BEO Centre for Mindfulness – Ireland
Centre for Mindfulness Ireland – Ireland
Passaddhi Meditation Centre – Ireland
Motus Mundi – Italy
Present Mind – Netherlands
Vipassana Meditatie – Netherlands
Ser Integral – Portugal
Nirakara – Spain
Landguet Reid – Switzerland
Meditation Center Beatenburg – Switzerland
Gaia House – Devon, UK
The Mindfulness Network, UK – (various retreat locations)
Bodhi College, UK – (various retreat locations & languages in EU)  
Trigonos – Wales, UK

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